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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  October 29, 2015 4:00pm-4:59pm EDT

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>> crimestoppers announced a $2,500 reward. the suspect captured on surveillance camera. cefaan kim is live in the mount hope section with the latest on the search. >> cops say it happened in front of this building in broad daylight. the little girl screamed for help and the suspect ran away. now police need help finding him. this is the man cops say tried to rape an 8-year-old girl in the bronx seen in this surveillance video. it was 5:30 saturday night when police say the man attacked his victim from behind as she was entering a building on walton avenue. miguel lives in the building with his boy and ten and 5-year- old daughters. >> i can't explain what goes through my head. incredible. >> reporter: his building faces the building's entrance where she was assaulted. when she heard the mother screaming he knew something was wrong. >> my window was wide open. i was cooking for my kids and i heard the mother yelling for help. >> reporter: police say the
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mouth and restrained her and molested her. he ran away when she started screaming. he is described as 165 pounds, clean shaven and a dark baseball cap, gray hooded sweatshirt, ripped light jeans and gray sneakers at the time of the incident. there are two schools by the building where this happened, be elementary school next door and middle school across the street. that has neighbors on edge. >> he know that he can't go outside no more by himself the victim was taken to the hospital where she was treated and released. nypd is offering a $2,500 reward for information that may lead to an arrest. 1-800-577-tips. at 5:00 you will hear more from a neighbor on how the girl is doing. cefaan kim, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you.
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developing now, more than a dozen people are hurt. one seriously after a plane catches fire in florida before take off. 100 people were forced to flee the plane on the tarmac. it happened at fort lauderdale this afternoon on a dynamic airways flight heading to venezuela. video shows passengers jumping down slides and running away. a pilot in the plane taxiing behind the dynamic flight radioed the tower that fuel was leaking near one of the plane's engines. >> hey, any name mcout of the left engine looks like it's leaking a lot of fuel, fluid out of the left engine. engine on fire. engine on fire. >> one person suffered serious burns. it's not clear if it's passenger or crew member. 15 others were hurt. developing, a woman was arrested for a hit-and-run accident involving an off duty
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nypd detective in queens. police took ellen arrive very virginia into custody. rivera into custody. they say she hit a detective as he crossed the street. he is expected to recover. a suspect charged with killing a new york city police officer in court on an unrelated charge. tyrone howard appeared in bronx criminal court on charges stemming from an arrest on rikers island in may of 2013. he was caught holding 23 small bags of crack cocaine. a grand jury indicted howard on first-degree murder and robbery charges in the shooting death of officer randolph holder. well, it may be hard to believe but it was three years ago today that superstorm sandy marched through our area bringing death and destruction with it. the rockaways, breezy point, belle harbor some of the hardest hit neighborhoods. in breezy point 355 homes were destroyed by flooding or firement since then almost 300 of the homes have been rebuilt.
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meteorologist amy freeze has more on the long road to recovery after sandy. amy 146789 david, listening to those stats, 350 homes destroyed, 300 have been rebuilt, seems like they have made a lot of progress. but there were more than 1,000 homes beyond that that still needed work or needed to be elevated. those homes are waiting for repairs. some of the homeowners are frustrated. today we got a unique perspective in breezy point from a man that built many of the homes before superstorm sandy and he has been here for the road to recovery. it's the third anniversary of when superstorm sandy devastated breezy point. it feels like for contractor jerry ferrara. he has been living here and building homes for 35 years. >> the surge of the tide ripped these decks apart. all of the hoax that you see right now, most of them have
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>> the fighter zone where transformers and gas lines heat hundreds on fire made the most progress. >> 80% of the houses are back together. >> reporter: homeowners without insurance are just now getting their build it back funding. >> they are waiting for mostly to get relief. >> reporter: block to block there are still some lots that have not been rebuilt. from devastation to recovery, 36 months is not a long time. reflecting on the progress, breezy point needs another three years to completely rebuild. >> i'm proud of the way it is. the community is strong and keeps getting stronger and more and more people are coming back. >> reporter: contractors that we saw today working were with the build it back program. it's underway and it's making progress.
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building more homes and as jerry mentioned, it could take a couple more years to see every area and homeowner back to where they were before the storm hit. meteorologist amy freeze live in breezy point. channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. new jersey remains a work in progress three years after superstorm sandy sandy devastated coastal communities. according to a new rutgers eagleton poll, 54% of new jersey residents say life is not back to normal. 37% say it is. pse&g says it has replaced 215 miles of cast iron gas pipe with plastic piping in areas that flood. in union beach, homes are being rebuilt. lieutenant governor was there today. >> 386,000 people were out of their homes the day after sandy hit. i was one of them. i lived down the road. i lost part of my house.
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can be to work with the bureaucracy. >> several thousand residents are having problems restoring their homes and properties. you will hear from some of them coming up later on eyewitness news. now to the mets. oh, boy. fans are not hitting the panic button but with the world series shifting to citi field for game 3 the mets are finding their backs against the wall after dropping the first two games in kansas city. they placed their hopes on jacob degrom but he could not shut down the recognize equals offense that put up just about every ball in play. the mets offense could only come up with two hits that went all the way in a 7-1 royals victory. now the mets have their work cut out for them. >> we have to win four. we are going back home and play there. hopefully win three there.
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>> we can't think about the hole we are in. we have to concentrate on one at a time. it will be nice to get to our park where i'm sure the fans will be going crazy. >> uk bet. mets fans will be ready friday night when game 3 comes to citi field. we have a live picture. we want to take you out there. the team is warming up. they are back in the house, back in citi field. it has to make a difference. a lot of people are hoping for the best. >> the mets may be down two games. all hope is not lost. they have to win four games which is why one diehard fan started a campaign to give the team a little umph. social media gave her umph when she needed a double lung transplant. now she wants to pass it on to her favorite team. kemberly richardson explains. >> i want to send them extra umph now. they are down by 2. >> reporter: this is how katie is showing her support for the mets. seems unusual until you are
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reminded who she is and what all of this talk about umph is about. >> i figured why not. i mean, i don't know if it will help at all but i know that the umphs helped me. >> reporter: the mets were there for katie when she needed support. the players posted these pictures to keep her spirits up. when i first met katie, she suffers from cystic fibrosis and was waiting for a set of lungs, second double lung transplant. people all over the world rallied. these images held her hang on. a month later a match. we were there as katie walked out of the hospital with her husband joey, a new york city firefighter. >> at this point last year i thought i wouldn't be here any longer. i was kind of preparing death. now i am living life probably healthier and more actively than i have in years. >> reporter: traveling, hanging with friends and family,
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she even did this year's tunnel to towers 5k and is back on the job in the neonatal intensive care unit at flushing hospital. >> i am fully back to life, back to working out, back to being a wife, cleaning house, doing normal things. >> reporter: like rooting for the mets chloe is on board. >> hopefully they can get the love and support they want and being a fan i wanted to do whatever i could. >> reporter: kemberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> just so great to see how great she is doing. so much support for her. >> that is what is more important than anything else. >> awesome. a teenager shot and killed on a street. we are getting dramatic video showing three people pulling out guns and opening fire. >> new information on a story you saw first on 7. a police officer charged in a deadly wrong way crash now claims
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someone drugged him. i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. early september. nice to see you again. temperatures in the low to middle 70s. 68 degrees. falling leaves and gusty breezes can reduce visibility on the country roads. a bonus sports tonight. nice and mild out and about. windbreaker and heavier coat
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yo time for a check on traffic. l.i.e. in queens, you can see the kissena boulevard exit. accident in the eastbound lanes
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a few minutes ago. center lane was blocked. it looks like traffic has started to move again. as for the hudson river crossings, 20 minute delays outbound at the lincoln and holland tunnels. no issues at the george washington bridge. "first at 4:00", the 17- year-old is killed in connecticut and police need your help finding who is responsible. have a good look at the top of your screen. you can see the teenager walking toward the back of a house at madison avenue and frank street in bridgeport last month. shortly afterwards, three suspects are seen running toward them. they pull guns and fire rounds. the teen is hit multiple times and taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. if you have information about this, call police. pentagon investigators are at the site in pennsylvania where a run away military blimp came down but not before air force jets were scrambled and power was knocked out to communities along the way.
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broke free from its mooring yesterday afternoon. a 60-foot metal cable hanging from the blimp knocked down power lines and left thousands in pennsylvania in the dark. the military was unable to stop the blimp as it drifted 150 miles for about 3 1/2 hours. >> there should be a switch that something on the ground can flip and do an emergency deflation and bring it down. they tried the switch but it didn't work. >> the blimp came down in trees and police are using shotguns to deflate it. the road leading to where the blimp landed is keeping people technology. the house of representatives has a new speaker. representative paul ryan was sworn in this morning. he was elected with the overwhelming support of gop members receiving 236 votes. at age 45, ryan is the youngest speaker in 170 years. he replaced outgoing speaker
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john boehner. one of his top priorities is unifying a fractured republican party. >> the house is broken. we are not solving problems. we are adding to them. i am not interested in laying blame. we are not settling scores. we are wiping the slate clean. >> ryan was mitt romney's running mate in the 2012 election. he tweeted a picture of the two of them together again with the selfie. 68 degrees. let's turn to local weather. a busy bunch of days. very important. marathon. we get met games. are you feeling any pressure, >> i do. i have a full plate. i am nervous i have to admit. >> so nice outside. there is a farmer's market across the street. are you pumpkin pie fans? i can pick up a couple. we have a wonderful day in
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progress. i wish game three was tonight. so nice with temperatures in the upper 60s. let's go to lower manhattan, sunshine, patchy clouds around, a shadow over lower manhattan. 68. 36% humidity. this breeze feels great. after the sun goes down maybe on the coolish side. the high 73 degrees on target. a pair of 6s in commack. gust over 25. 65 in around dover new jersey but double nickels in monticello. a chilly night in the catskills. wind speed, sustained from 6 to 22 miles per hour. you can see the wind gusts over 25 to 30 miles per hour. look at the wind gusts in newburgh at 37 miles per hour. a couple of spot showers. if you look at the wind directions there is a front going through it. they will knock the numbers back to reality. tonight a few patchy clouds.
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winds back off later. bright sunny day later. good 13 degrees cooler. first pitch for game 3, 52 at citi field. little chill but not bad. satellite and radar baseball, more clouds over connecticut and long island. thicker over suffolk county to mass peek i massapequa. one cost went through today with a passing shower. on the side of the third front you can see the snow in hudson bay. tomorrow brisk and bright. need the fall coat. plenty of sunshine. saturday, temperatures in the mid- to upper-50s. high clouds streaming in for halloween. in terms of trick or treat time, 51 degrees should do it. comfy in the costumes. extra layer underneath.
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you don't have to put the heavy coats on top. 38. mostly sunny, chilly breeze tomorrow, nice fall day. tomorrow night the real chill comes in. clear and chilly, 41. upper 20s in the colder spots as we go calm or light wind north and west. nice halloween. i do have to include a 20% chance of a shower as the new underway. it will be light and isolated. dry. 52 at the start time. we turn the clocks back 4:52 at sunset. the weekend at 4:30 a squeeze play in the baseball theme. can we sneak between the to lows and call for a dry marathon forecast? we will get into that and a detailed look at the weekend forecast in the next half hour. back to you. so nice outside. >> repeat this. >> pumpkin pie for her and pecan for me. >> he doesn't do pumpkin.
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>> you know i will get it. >> okay. some threat. i can't wait. we have disturbing video of a school van driver caught texting and driving. but that's not all she is accused of doing. we will have more coming up. >> many kids prefer the flu nasal spray. there maybe an issue getting it this season. >> spike lee taking on grand marshal duties for the tcs new york marathon.
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the line he is set for the tcs marathon. the blue line showed a rainbow of colors in championship. runners and city officials are on hand. it marks the 26.2-mile course through all five boroughs. >> if you look close you would have spotted spike lee.
4:24 pm
he never ran the marathon but he grew up like a lot of us watching it. this year he gets a special honor. >> he is so new york. >> the renowned director will serve as the grand marshal. he is the third person to get the honor in the 45 year history. sandy kenyon caught up with him and he is in the newsroom with the story. >> reporter: for a man who has watched the race with his family steps from where he works near where he grew up, this honor clearly means a lot and spike lee embraced his role as grand marshal as we found out when eyewitness news paid a visit recently. >> the new york city marathon wants to do the right thing in the borough where he made one of his most famous films. we caught up with spike lee at his headquarters in fort greene. >> at the corner here, south elliott and lafayette is the
4:25 pm
path of the marathon. >> reporter: promos and public appearances are all part of the job he calls an honor. >> to me, the biggest blessing is the one that huh are not expecting where they come out of nowhere. >> reporter: spike is going the extra mile for the marathon by directing a short film to open sunday's telecast on abc 7. >> come on hospital. >> birth place of mike tyson and michael jordan. >> reporter: a couple of assistance for iphones for his segments while elsewhere -- >> we had like a team of six of my best cameramen disbursed, shooting still footage for us. >> new york is the greatest city on this god's planet. let me show you why. >> reporter: a quick look at the best our city has to offer
4:26 pm
of lee's films about >> you are not fooling anybody, sweetheart. >> reporter: no mistaking spike lee's enthusiasm for new york road runners. >> exciting day. i am looking forward to it. >> reporter: this will mark the first visit to the finish line of tcs new york city marathon. in prior years he would watch the leading runners go by in brooklyn then watch them finish on television. this year he will cheer them in central park as you mentioned. dave, shirleen. >> i got a chance to see the video that he shot in advance because we get that opportunity. it was really good. you feel so good being in new york. >> from the highlights, like another spike lee joint. that is for sure. >> new york joint. >> there you go. thanks a lot. a lot of new york pride there. former tennis pro james blake will be running in his first marathon after making news for being wrongly tackled
4:27 pm
by an nypd officer last month. when asked, he said he is satisfied that the police and city are listening to him. he is grateful for the work the department is doing to keep the marathon safe. he is running for his charitable foundation that raises money for sloan kettering. channel 7 is your marathon station. tomorrow at 5:30 we will air the opening ceremony live from central park. on saturday join shirleen and me for count down and then the big day, marathon sunday. live coverage at 7:00 a.m. a lot of marathon stuff going on. fun every step of the way. >> can't wait for the pasta party. looking forward to it. a big announcement from george clooney. the big addition to his family. >> school bus driver texting and
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it's 4:30. all new caught on camera, a school van driver busted for texting and speeding with a student on board. it's a popular option among parents. is there a shortage of the nasal flu vaccine? dr. richard besser sets the record straight. >> he is the very definition of going above and beyond. >> just something that i felt that i can do. >> meet a man who has given 16 gallons of blood. >> but we start at 4:30 with startling details on a story you saw first on eyewitness news. a claim about the new jersey police officer charged with a deadly crash on staten island. >> pedro abad faced a judge late this morning for a crash that killed his two passengers including an off duty inden officer. his attorney saying his client was drugged against his will. eyewitness news reporter darla miles it is live in staten island with more. darla? >> reporter: well, shirleen, i
4:32 pm
spoke to the attorney for pedro abad junior. he told me that he is looking to get the case against his client dismissed if blood tests reveal that someone inside this club slipped him someone in his drink. >> if he was drug, with a drug that encourages you to drink more and make you pass out, this is exactly the type of drug that could be the reason why he crashed. >> reporter: the wrong way crash on the west shore if expressway in march killed two men including an off duty linden police officer. another officer from linden was in the car and also injured. all four had been out partying at a strip club in staten island before the accident. pedro abad june investigator was -- junior was behind the wheel. >> we hired an expert to review pedro's medical records. he said that he sees physical evidence that he may have been drugged with -- called the date
4:33 pm
rape drug ghb. >> reporter: abad appeared for a hearing thursday morning still in a wheelchair from the crash. >> what we did today, we requested a blood sample from mr. abad from the day of the accident so our own toxicologist could review the blood sample to see if he could find ghb in his blood sample. >> reporter: i talked to the general manager of curves over the phone. he strongly questioned why it wouldn't have been found in the initial toxicology test and said that's actually a ridiculous claim. this is a lawyer using a defense that has been common in the papers last week because of what went on with scores. >> we know from the scores case that it's a drug that dancers have been using in these clubs to drug men or patrons or whatever they were and encourages them to spend more money, get lap dances.
4:34 pm
general manager of this club is strongly defending the integrity of his staff and the other clients here and says they will be following this case very closely. i will have more on "eyewitness news at 6:00." reporting live in staten island, darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. a substitute school van driver in new jersey has been fired after she was caught on camera texting and speeding while driving at least 1 student. 16-year-old ashley sent these videos to her mom riding home from the academy charter high school in lake como. it captures the driver going to 80 miles per hour on the garden state parkway. then you see an aide put animal hats on the dashboard so the driver can snap photos of them. a new jersey man pled isis. the 24-year-old from west new york admitted to a federal judge that he conspired to
4:35 pm
he was arrested along with his brother and two other men in june. prosecutors say he bought a plane ticket for his brother to apply to the middle east to join isis. his lawyer says he won't cooperate with the government or testify against anyone else. he faces up to 20 years in prison when he is sentenced. new information in the child sex abuse case against jerry sandusky. today a judge ordered pennsylvania's attorney general to turn over information relating to alleged grand jury leaks. sandusky is seeking a new trial but the judge refused to make any rulings without first hearing from the attorney general kathleen cane. she accuses the judge that oversaw several grand jury investigation including sanduskys of leaking information. a developing story we are following moments ago. owen labrie learned his fate on a sexual assault on a 15-year- old girl.
4:36 pm
jail plus probation after a sex scandal that rocked an elite school. the victim spoke at the hearing, her voice changed to protect her identity. >> what he did to me made me feel like i didn't belong on this planet. and that i would be better off dead. >> labrie claimed this was part of a ritual at the school where graduating seniors attempt to seduce undergraduate classmen. university of connecticut is preparing to raise tuition to help offset raising operation costs. u cotold the board of trustees tuition hikes are needed. it is predicted it will have a deficit of $40 million for the 2016 fiscal year. uconn state funding is expected to be part of cuts to help fill a $120 million state budget shortfall. the first of 12 public
4:37 pm
issues will be held in westchester county. the panel hopes to find solutions to problems for the state's higher learning standards in student testing. cuomo wants the panel to make recommendations by the end of the year. it's flu shot season but many people, especially kids want the nasal spray. find out why that may be an issue this year. dr. richard besser is here to explain. an important health alert for people that suffer severe
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many parents rely on a nasal spray vaccine to protect their kids during flu season. there is a nationwide shortage of the mist. it is a popular option for babies and children because it is easy to administer. >> abc's chief health and medical director jim besser joining us with more on it. >> we reached out to the company. they are finding they are having difficulty in manufacturing all the vaccine that is needed. there are 5 million out there. another 5 million in november
4:41 pm
and 5 million later in the year. that is a slower timeline than we saw last year. >> so, is there a preferred vaccine overanother. >> it used -- over another. >> they are all recommended equally. the word is no vaccine is better than another but getting a vaccine is better than no vaccine. >> what is the best advice to tell parents. >> go see your doctor. the vaccine. if they don't have it, get the vaccine they have. you don't know how long the delay >> you have important for life threatening allergies. >> a recall of an injector. read the label, call your doctor right away. it may not give you al the
4:42 pm
medicine that you need and if you have it in your handbag you want to know that it will work if you need it. >> can we go back to the flu? do we know what strain we are worried about? >> we don't know. >> lee just yelled at me. >> we don't know yet but the problem with the vaccine there are four strains in the nation sale flu. two they are having trouble growing to make enough vaccine. but, lee, that injectable, i will give you a shot here on new york television. i am willing to do that. >> we will hold him down. >> you have to get the strain right. >> every possible train. >> i am a pediatrician. i will be gentle. >> great tv, folks. >> thank you so much. >> get your flu shots. there is a new addition to the clooney clan. oh, my goodness. i am so excited to report this.
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china is bringing the controversial one child per family policy to an end. couples will be allowed to have two children. the change is in response to the issue of an aging population. the country says in the next 25
4:46 pm
years it do have a 0 -- could have a population of 400,000 people over the age of 60. they already have over a billion people. did a school teacher imply to her students that god is a myth. that is playing out in texas. a 12-year-old and her mom complained to the school board about a critical thinking work sheet that asked students to classify statements on it as fact, opinion or common assertion. one was there is a god. the school district claim the teacher never said god didn't exist but it won't be used. a high school student made the cheerleading squad on the second try. what is harder is coming out as her true self. she is the first openly transgender cheerleader. other students and teachers are supportive and helping her buy her uniform. one person who hasn't been
4:47 pm
her out of her house. she has no regrets. if she did she won't be this happy. a story getting a lot of attention on social media. a lot of people are giving her support. >> absolutely. i saw you outside, very envious, basking in the sun. >> no way. >> i was bringing back the pie. there is your pumpkin. >> excuse me. we need to switch this. >> sorry. i'm all about the pumpkin pie. >> everybody should have a lee goldberg in their life. he is the man. >> it's the holiday season. >> have a piece of pie when you watch great pumpkin charlie brown which is on the air tonight. >> glad i visited today. this is the perfect day. >> we are full-service "first at 4:00". outside we go. a beautiful look at central park. the tree tops are starting to change color. a lot of suburbs the foliage season came to an end with the gusty winds, the trees stripped of leaves. it's beautiful.
4:48 pm
leaves but still yet to peak in central park. that will take another week or two especially with this warmth. 60 degrees. southwest winds gusting to 22. if you missed our first hour, go to abc7ny and check out amy's piece on breezy point and impact to sandy and how breezy point is doing today. here is a look back. tropical depression became a hurricane near jamaica then the key time period near the bahamas. would it go to see and take the rare left-hand turn. egg harbor. 12 1/2 foot storm surge near kings point. you know the damage on the shore and staten island as well and all the flooding. remarkable storm. hopefully we don't see a track like that again. planner locally, quiet. patchy clouds.
4:49 pm
back to the 40s overnight. bright sunny day tomorrow. wind not as gusty. drier tomorrow. breeze lincoln feel cool and come up short of that 60-degree mark in many spots. get to 60 in new york city. heavier mets coat. we drop into the 40s. look in about four, five hours, low 50s. chill in the suburbs. 57 islip. by morning low to mid-40s in most places. afternoon upper 50s but sunshine and nice breeze. here is the seven-day forecast, brisk and bright tomorrow. halloween is beautiful. 56. here is the trick or treat plannerment kind of creepy but it's dry. a few clouds coming in and temperatures will be in the low 50s to upper 40s. marathon sunday a spot shower. trick or treat forecast took over my seven day. i will show you again at 5:00. it literally hijacked the seven day.
4:50 pm
marathon sunday 63. the first part of the race about 52. slight threat of a shower. >> a little race going on aside from halloween. >> a few hundred thousand people. >> maybe a mets game. >> one or two things. >> there is a ghost in the machine. here is what is trending. george clooney and his wife are welcoming a new addition to their family. not a baby but a rescued dog. they adopted a bassett hound named milly. glamour is out with the year issue. it includes reese witherspoon, victorian beckham and the u.s. women soccer team and caitlyn jenner. mayor de blasio proclaiming november 9th as women of the year day for the city of new york. the lights on top of the empire state building will go pink in
4:51 pm
while october is breast cancer awareness month you may want to wear blue. men can get breast cancer, too according to the american cancer society. he looks good. on a serious note more than 2300 men in the u.s. will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year. so, he is trying to raise awareness for that. tcs marathon is sunday. and the biggest selfie stick to celebrate. this is in the city in the meat packing district open to the public today through saturday, october 31st. can you see how it works. put your personal phone in a custom selfie. when it gets to the top there are selfie stick that takes a whack. look at me p. all right. >> that's cool. >> thank you for noticing. finally for halloween a car service company lyft is
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your zombie will be brought to you by an experienced lyft zombie handler. free service from 10:00 to 8:00 only on friday. it's in partnership with the people that put together the walking dead comics. literally somebody shows up. this is for real. you order them on your app. who wouldn't be a hit at the halloween party, your zombie is here. nobody interested? no reaction. >> as a connoisseur of all things zombies, no. too realistic looking. >> it's a real hum being. >> you order 30 of them and do your own thriller video. >> i will watch it on tv. i don't want them coming to my house. >> it's my mom's birthday. happy birthday, mom. >> check out the trend online. >> throw it back to shirleen with a mom impression. >> i can't do that right now.
4:53 pm
i love that shirleen. she is so sweet. >> i can't wait to meet her. >> love everybody. >> i can't wait until you go home. she will get you. >> happy birthday to her. the number is astonishing. one person giving 16 gallons of blood. met the person who really is the deaf niche shon of above and beyond. >> here is a delays at the hudson river crossings. 35 minute inbound at the
4:54 pm
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i'm michael douglas, and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world. and there's no time to see it like the fall. take metro north to take in the beautiful fall foliage from high above the hudson. swing a club at one of america's greatest courses... see spectacular sights underground... ...or thrilling sights above it. there's so many incredible ways to experience the fun of fall in new york state. plan your trip at there's something for everyone.
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a simple act that can save lives, donating blood. >> for one man it's a regular part of his life. he has given 16 gallons of blood so far. tim fleischer introduces us to a man that has gone above and beyond. >> reporter: if donating blood is the gift of life, then many people have pat to thank for that gift. >> something that i felt that i can do so i do it. >> reporter: it was in the early 80s when pat first offered his gift. >> they had a blood drive and i donated there. >> reporter: later he developed a relationship with the blood donor program at good samaritan hospital where his o positive blood type is added to a much needed supply. >> 80% of the people coming into the hospital can receive his blood. >> how much has he donated. >> 16 gallons.
4:57 pm
so, yeah, i'm like 125, 126 times. >> this is the 126th unit. with each they will separate his blood. >> we use red blood cells but separate out the plasma that is used. he is helping two people. >> reporter: like clock washing pat and sometimes his wife marion will drive from their home in monroe the 20 miles to good samaritan hospital so pat can give blood every 56 days and for the past years willard has been drawing his blood. >> pat is like family now. >> 18 years. >> reporter: that is a long time to be giving blood. >> that is a long time. and he will continue >> we appreciate the generous gift that he has given so many people and the support that he has given our hospital. will. >> reporter: his donations above and beyond that is thought to have helped the lives of 400 patients. >> i didn't think i did that much.
4:58 pm
that's good. anybody that can use it, right? >> reporter: reporting from suffern, tim fleischer, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> the same guy taking his blood all these years. amazing. >> if you know someone going above and beyond in your neighborhood tell us about it and we will talk about it on abc7ny. there ahead. >> "eyewitness news at 5:00" begins right now. tonight an eyewitness news investigators exclusive. the number one item smugglers try to get through j.f.k. and the connection to terrorism. >> a long island police officer in court accused of following a woman to her car and sexually abusing her in front of her children. good evening, i'm diana williams. >> i'm sade baderinwa. the hempstead police officer appeared in court today. we are learning more about what he is accused of doing at a long island restaurant and how
4:59 pm
one of the alleged victims young children tried to intervene. >> n.j. burkett has the story. >> reporter: louis arcila has been a hempstead police officer for 16 years. he was handcuffed today, fingerprinted, photographed and indicted for sexually abusing a young mother outside of this downtown restaurant. >> the woman immediately called 911 and reported what happened. >> reporter: prosecutors say the woman was getting take out food with her 3-year-old when arcila accosted her and followed her to the street. they say he got in her car and tried to force himself on to the alleged victim with the woman's daughter in the back seat. >> her 10-year old child in the back seat witnesses this and told him to stop and that she would put him in the hospital if he didn't stop touching her mother. >> reporter: the d.a. says the woman ran back into the restaurant and called 911. connie rodriguez is a waitress who was there that night.


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